Negative change in quantity.

Primary Base *

Child Elements  

hæmosisk* act m itg Ischemia.
neawq* neg tr To shrink, decrease.
sisk* neg rel abe sta m itg Absence or decrease in flow due to a blockage.


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Comparison with a standard

Concept Negative Positive
Root min* Smallness meq* Greatness
Comparative tromin* tromeq*
Superlative momin* Minimum momeq* Maximum
Causation/Dation Decrease Increase

Decrease synonyms

Antonym of Increase.\n\nDECREASE, diminution, decrescence, decrement, diminishment, lessening &c. v.; subtraction [See Nonaddition. Deduction], reduction, rebatement [rare], abatement, declension; shrinkage (contraction) [See Contraction]; coarctation [obs.]; curtailment, abridgment (shortening) [See Shortness]; extenuation.\n SUBSIDENCE, wane, ebb, decline; ebb tide, neap tide, ebbing; descent [See Descent]; reflux, depreciation, wear and tear, erosion, consumption; deterioration [See Deterioration]; anticlimax; mitigation (moderation) [See Moderation]; catabasis [med.].