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Creative Thought


SUPPOSITION, assumption, supposal, supposableness [rare], suppositality [obs.], postulation [rare], condition, presupposition, hypothesis, postulate, postulatum, theory, data; proposition, position; thesis, theorem; proposal (plan) [See Plan]; assumed position.
conceit; conjecture; guess, guesswork; rough guess, shot [colloq.]; conjecturality [rare], suggestiveness, presurmise, surmise, suspicion, inkling, suggestion, association of ideas, hint; presumption (belief) [See Belief]; divination, speculation.
THEORIST, theorizer, speculatist [rare], speculator, notionalist, hypothesist, hypothetist [rare], doctrinaire, doctrinarian.


IMAGINATION, originality, invention; fancy; inspiration; verve.
IDEALITY, idealism; romanticism, utopianism, castle-building; dreaming; frenzy or phrensy, ecstasy; calenture (delirium) [See Insanity]; reverie or revery, brown study, pipe dream, daydream, trance; somnambulism.
conception, Vorstellung [Ger.], excogitation, “a fine frenzy” [M. N. D.]; cloudland, dreamland; flight -, fumes- of fancy; “thick-coming fancies” [Macbeth]; creation -, coinage- of the brain; imagery; word painting.
FANTASY, conceit, figment, myth, dream, vision, shadow, chimera; phantasm, phantasy, fancy; maggot, whim, whimwham, whimsey or whimsy, vagary, rhapsody, romance, gest or geste, extravaganza; “air-drawn dagger” [Macbeth], bugbear, nightmare.
CREATIVE WORKS] work of fiction (novel) [See Description]; poetry [See Poetry]; play, tragedy, comedy (drama) [See The Drama]; sonata (music) [See Music].
ILLUSION (error) [See Error]; phantom (fallacy of vision) [See Dim-sightedness]; vapor (cloud) [See Bubble, Cloud]; stretch of the imagination (exaggeration) [See Exaggeration]; mythogenesis.
IDEALIST, romanticist, visionary; mopus [slang], romancer, daydreamer, dreamer; somnambulist.