Curvature outward.

Primary Base mont*

Child Elements  

bolb* geom ess sta dis tg Bulb.
kyf* dis tg Hump, large bodily growth on the back.
mont* unb rel el ess sta m itg Convexity.
tyl* dis tg External growth, callus.
weksor* pos sta m itg Convexity.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


haps* Arch
ventr* Belly Zoological convexity containing internal organs.
umb* Excrescence Abnormal outgrowth (not necessarily harmful) on an animal or vegetable body.
kel* Hill Convexity of land.
tum* Intumescence Excrescence due to filling with blood, fluid or matter.
alp* Mountain Lump of great height.
* Papilla Zoological convexity containing milk.
papl* Pimple Zoological convexity or blemish containing pus.
nas* Proboscis Zoological convexity on the face.
spik* Spike Convexity of great height and relatively small girth.



akew* Bluntness Lack of sharpness.
klud* Closure
kav* Concavity Curvature inward.
mont* Convexity Curvature outward.
plat* Flatness Lack of convexity or concavity.
pl* Fold Curvature of a surface onto itself.
striq* Furrow Narrow concavity in a surface.
och* Notch Angular or V-shaped cut, indentation, or slit in an object, surface, or edge.
hi* Opening
* Roughness Nonuniformity of the texture of a surface.
ak* Sharpness
* Smoothness Uniformity of the texture of a surface.



(superficial form inward)
(superficial form outward)
Base and its Derivatives
Base kav* mont*
Essive noun kavos* montos*
Generative noun kavor* montor*
Dative agent kavod* montod*
Dative patient kavend* montend*
Qualitative Bases
Small. den* Valley. berq* Hill.
Great. * Abyss, gorge alp* Mountain.
Narrow. Pit. spik* Spike.
In a surface, line striq* Furrow, trench, ditch. mur* Ridge, wall, levee.
Of land.