Causation of latency.

Primary Base cel*

Child Elements  

cel* abs act m itg Concealment.
celend* dat pa To be(come) hidden (by/from/due to).
celod* dat ac To hide, conceal, save, contain.
jaman* ess sta "Hidden."
lusk* rel Suspicious, shady.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


* Ambush Means of concealment.
mask* Mask/Disguise Instrument of concealment applied directly to the subject of concealment.
* Screen Instrument of concealment vested by, but not completely attached to, the subject of concealment.


palj* Cloak Overgarment for concealment.
pok* Pouch Container, generally small and easy to conceal, holding items of low value.


* Affirmation Assertion of existence, truth or goodness.
cel* Concealment Causation of latency.
lewh* Deception Misleading by false or untrue appearance or statement.
fater* Disclosure Removal of latency.
alm* Education Development of knowledge or skill.
* Exaggeration Expansion beyond the limits of truth or reason.
* Examination Evaluation of learning.
psewd* Falsehood Misrepresentation, perversion or suppression of truth.
* Information
* Latency Presence without visibility; existance as potential; lack of expression.
math* Learning Passive education.
fend* Manifestation
bewd* Messenger Agent of delivering information.
* Misteaching
neq* Negation
* Publication
* Secret Object of concealment.
* Teacher Agent of teaching.
* Teaching Active education.
verew* Untruth Absence, lack or void of truth.
genw* Veracity



reticence, reserve, reservation; mental reservation, aside; arrière pensée [F.], suppression, evasion, white lie, misprision; silence (taciturnity) [See Taciturnity]; suppression of truth [See Falsehood]; underhand dealing; closeness, secret veness &c. adj.; mystery.
CRYPTOGRAPHY, steganography; cipher, code, cable code; sympathetic ink, palimpsest.
STALKING, still-hunt, hunt.
STEALTH, stealthiness; obreption [obs.]; slyness (cunning) [See Cunning].
MYSTICISM, occultism, supernaturalism; esotericism, esoterics, esotery.
MASQUERADER, masker, mask, domino.

cel* Concealment, hiding, occultation, mystification.
celoq* Executive To use/wield concealment.
celor* Generative To produce concealment.
celos* Essive of having: Concealed
celod* Dative agent To give concealment (to).
celend* Dative patient To receive concealment (from).
celew* Abessive. Lack or absence of concealment.
celemp* Ablative agent To take concealment (from), expose.
celolv* Ablative patient To lose concealment (to/by), become exposed (by).
celaq* Means
celm* Result
celajat* Indication
celtr* Domain/Scope