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Comparative Quantity

General term sta paw+ Few/little. ækw* Equal (to). ple+ Many/much.
Comparative sta tropaw+ Fewer/lesser (than). N/A trople+ More (than).
Superlative sta mopaw+ Fewest/least (among). N/A mople+ Most (among).
Intransitive Causation itr tropawv* To decrease. ækwiv* To become equal. troplev* To increase.
Transitive Causation tr tropawf* To decrease. ækwif* To make equal. troplef* To increase.
Extremitive sta pawsult* Too few/little. N/A plesult* Too many/much.

Comparison with a Similar Object

Concept Negative Positive
Root infr* Inferiority supr* Superiority
Comparative troinfr* trosupr*
Superlative moinfr* mosupr* Supremacy

Do not use the transitive meanings of supr* and infr* in a comparative manner.

Comparison with a standard

Concept Negative Positive
Root min* Smallness meq* Greatness
Comparative tromin* tromeq*
Superlative momin* Minimum momeq* Maximum
Causation/Dation Decrease Increase


COMPENSATION, equation; commutation; indemnification; compromise [See Compromise]; neutralization, nullification; counteraction [See Counteraction]; reaction; measure for measure; retaliation [See Retaliation]; equalization [See Equality]; redemption, recoupment.
SET-OFF, offset; makeweight, casting weight; counterpoise, ballast; indemnity, equivalent, quid pro quo [L.]; bribe, hush money; gift, donation [See Giving]; amends (atonement) [See Atonement]; counterbalance, counterclaim, countervailing; cross debt, cross demand.
PAY, payment, reward [See Reward].