Discrete agent of accompaniment.

Discrete Agent
Primary Base ukor*

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Companion in Activity

Direct companion:1 Partner.
Passive/indirect companion: Colleague, peer.
Superordinate companion: Supervisor.
Subordinate companion: Attendant, squire, usher, apprentice; page, buttons [colloq.], footboy; trainbearer, cupbearer; waiter, tapster, butler, livery servant, lackey, footman, flunky or flunkey [colloq.]; bearer [Anglo-Ind.]; hamal [India], scout [Oxford Univ.], gyp [Camb. Univ.], valet, valet de chambre [F.]; equerry, groom; jockey, hostler or ostler, orderly, messenger, gillie or gilly, caddie or caddy, herdsman, swineherd; barkeeper, bartender, barkeep [U. S.]; boots [Brit.]; cad [Eng. Univ. cant], bell boy, bell-hop [slang], tiger, chokra [India], boy; counterjumper [colloq.]; khansamah or khansaman [India], khitmutgar [India]; yardman, journeyman.
bailiff, castellan or castellain, seneschal, chamberlain, major-domo, groom of the chambers.
secretary; under -, assistant- secretary; stenographer, clerk; subsidiary; agent [See Consignee]; subaltern; underling, understrapper; man.