Primary Base qawd*

Child Elements  

læt* pos rel m itg Cheerfulness.
qawd* unb pos rel m itg Cheer, joy, fun, merriment, glee, excitement.
qawdor* gen act To have fun, be joyous, be merry.
qawdos* rel ess Having cheer.
sanqw* fig ess sta "Blood"; cheer, optimism, joy.
wyn* spec dis tg The letter wynn (ƿ).


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date



asper* Aggravation Increase in severity, bitterness, or violence.
jok* Amusement Holding the attention of someone pleasantly.
qawd* Cheer
sat* Content
dol* Dejection
* Discontent Opposite of Content.
* Homesickness Pain over separation from one's home or family.
lament* Lamentation Expression of pain.
* Nostalgia Passive affections for things of the past.
pen* Pain Negative passive affection.
hedon* Pleasure Positive passive affection.
* Regret Pain over wrongdoing.
* Rejoicing Expression of pleasure.
lev* Relief Decrease in severity, bitterness, or violence.
taedj* Weariness


Cheer synonyms

Cheerfulness, geniality, gayety, L’Allegro [It.], cheer, good humor, spirits; glee, high glee, light heart.


Liveliness Life, alacrity, vivacity, animation, allégresse [F.]; jocundity, joviality, jollity; levity; jocularity (wit).

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