Container of dwelling.
Part within an abode.

Discrete Tangible
Primary Base kamer*

Child Elements  


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


ewn* Bedroom Chamber of repose.
* Nursery Chamber or place set aside for young children or plants.



flask* Bottle Container primarily for storing liquids or granular solids.
thek* Capsule
kamer* Chamber Container of dwelling.
Part within an abode.
zoard* Container for Animals
pok* Pouch Container, generally small and easy to conceal, holding items of low value.
tach* Service Container
* Storage Container Container intended for long-term storage of tangibles.
* Transport Container
vas* Vessel
* Zoological Container


Chamber synonyms

Apartment, room, cabin; office, court, hall, atrium; suite of rooms, apartment [U. S.], flat, story; saloon, salon [F.], parlor; by-room, cubicle; presence chamber; living-, sitting-, drawing-, reception-, state- room; best room [colloq.], keeping room [dial. Eng.]; gallery, cabinet, closet; pew, box; boudoir; adytum, sanctum; bedroom, dormitory; refectory, dining room, salle-à-manger [F.]; nursery, schoolroom; library, study; studio; billiard room, bathroom, smoking room; den; state room, tablinum, tenement. attic, loft, garret, cockloft, clerestory; cellar, vault, hold, cockpit; cubbyhole; cook house; entre-sol [F.]; mezzanine or mezzanine floor; ground floor, rez-de-chaussée [F.], basement, kitchen, pantry, scullery, offices; storeroom (depository) [See Store]; lumber room; dairy, laundry, coach house; garage; hangar; outhouse, penthouse; lean-to.