Change from action to rest.

Intangible Terminal Action
Primary Base paw*


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


* Checkmate Cessation due to inability to continue.
* Cloture Cessation in debate.
* Intermission Interval of pause.
* Interruption Unexpected or unplanned cessation.
* Pause Temporary cessation, generally with intent to resume.
* Punctuation Glyph indicating cessation of a sentence, clause or statement.
* Remission Continuation after cessation. Generally unplanned or unexpected.
halt* Stoppage Abrupt cessation.
* Suspension Cessation of temporary intent.


eperq* Arrival Terminal motion at.
* Completion Normal cessation of attempts or endeavors.
mort* Death Cessation of life, end of life, loss of life.
fin* End (Time)


paw* Cessation Change from action to rest.
me* Change Difference at different times.
kem* Conversion Change in nature, substance, form, or condition.
komime* Interchange Double or mutual change.
dur* Permanence Absence of change.
reme* Reversion Change to a previous state.
* Revolution Sudden or violent change.
vik* Substitution Change of one thing for another.
mut* Transformation Change in form.



Deadlock Cessation due to mutual contention for held resources. Dead stop, dead stand; full stop; fix; embargo.