Instruments of religious practice.

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epod* dis tg Ephod, priestly vestment.
kanon* col Canon, body of accepted standards.


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* Canonicals Instruments of religious practice.
hier* Clergy Religious agents who are ordained to practice religious acts.
la* Laity Religious agents who are not ordained to practice religious acts.
aboek* Monastery, Abbey Facility of private religious practice.
* Rite Custom or ceremony of religion.
templ* Temple Facility of worship or public religious practice.



Vestments; robe, gown, Geneva gown, frock, pallium, surplice, cotta, cassock; communion cloth, eileton [Eastern Ch.], corporal [Western Ch.]; scapular or scapulary, cope, mozetta or mozzetta, amice, scarf, fanon or fannel, bands, chasuble, tunicle, dalmatic, alb or alba, stole; tonsure, cowl, hood, capuche, calotte; vagas or vakas or vakass; apron, lawn sleeves, pontificals, pall; miter or mitre, tiara, triple crown; shovel -, cardinal’s- hat; biretta or berretta; crosier or crozier, cross staff, pastoral staff; Sanctus bell, sacring bell; seven-branched candlestick; monstrance; censer; costume.