Primary Base makl*

Child Elements  

falar* dis tg Spot, blemish, freckle.
lendœd* fig dis Lentigo, freckle.
lendœdos* ess 1. Containing lentils.
2. Freckled, lentiginous.
makl* neg rel Defect, flaw, imperfection, spot, blemish, blurring.
maklod* rel neg dat tr To give a defect, damage, spot, blemish; to debase, corrupt, pervert, vitiate.
maklos* rel ess Having defects, damaged, flawed, blemished, spotted, imperfect.
pikosk* sel dis tg Inkspot, freckle, lentigo.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date



morbm* Injury Tangible manifestation or result of disease or attack.
papl* Pimple Zoological convexity or blemish containing pus.


* Affectation Effort to appear to have a quality not really or fully possessed; pretense of actual possession; conspicuous artificiality of manner or appearance; effort to attract notice by falsehood, assumption, or any assumed peculiarity.
apr* Beauty
makl* Blemish
* Fashion
* Fop Man or woman of fashion. Essive of fashion.
* Grace Good taste.
* Laughingstock Object and cause of ridicule.
orn* Ornament
* Ridicule
* Ridiculousness
psil* Simplicity
turp* Ugliness
* Vulgarity Bad taste.