Capability of producing evil. Bad qualities.

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* Badness Capability of producing evil. Bad qualities.
toks* Bane Cause of damage or ruin.
klew* Cleanness
kawst* Deterioration
morb* Disease
* Expedience Specific subservience.
* Goodness Capability of producing good. Good qualities.
san* Health
* Imperfection Lack of perfection.
* Importance
* Improvement
* Inexpedience Lack of expedience.
saners* Insalubrity Imperfection of health. Presence of disease.
vil* Inutility
* Perfection
remord* Relapse Return of disease.
med* Remedy Removal of disease.
* Restoration
* Salubrity Perfection of health.
* Utility



HURTFULNESS &c. adj.; virulence.
BANE [See Bane]; plague spot (insalubrity) [See Insalubrity]; evil star, ill wind; hoodoo [colloq.], jinx [slang], jadu [Hind.], Jonah; snake in the grass, skeleton in the closet; amari aliquid [L.]; thorn in the -side, - flesh.
MALIGNITY, damnability, damnification, damnifying; malevolence [See Malevolence]; tender mercies [irony].
ILL-TREATMENT, annoyance, molestation, abuse, oppression, persecution, out-rage; misusage [See Misuse]; damnum [L.], scathe; injury (damage) [See Deterioration]; knock-out drops [U. S.].
BADNESS &c. adj.; peccancy, abomination; painfulness [See Painfulness]; pestilence (disease) [See Disease]; guilt [See Guilt]; depravity [See Vice].
BAD MAN [See Bad Man]; evildoer [See Evildoer].

Goodness & Badness

bon* Goodness (pos) Excellence, merit; virtue; value, worth, price.
mal* Badness (neg)