Discrete Tangible State
Primary Base malos*

Child Elements  


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date



kipur* Atonement Satisfaction or reparation for a wrong or injury.
malos* Bad Man
bonos* Good Man
kulp* Guilt
* Improbity Lack of probity.
wind* Innocence
* Knave Agent of improbity.
* Penitence Regret for one''s wrongdoing.
* Probity Honesty, moral scruples.
* Selfishness
vitj* Vice
adal* Virtue


Bad Man

BAD MAN, wrongdoer, worker of iniquity; evildoer [See Evildoer]; sinner, transgressor; the wicked [See Vice]; bad example.
rascal, scoundrel, villain, miscreant, budmash [India], caitiff, wretch, reptile, viper, serpent, cockatrice, basilisk; tiger, monster; devil (demon) [See Evil Spirits]; devil incarnate; demon in human shape, Nana Sahib; hellhound, rakehell.
roué [F.], rake; Sadist, one who has sold himself to the devil, fallen angel, âme damnée [F.], vaurien [F.], mauvais sujet [F.], loose fish [colloq.], rounder [slang]; lost sheep, black sheep; cast-away, recreant, defaulter; prodigal [See Prodigality].
BAD WOMAN, jade, Jezebel, hell-cat, quean, wench, slut; adultress [See Libertine].
ROUGH, rowdy, ugly customer, ruffian, bully, tough [colloq., U. S.], hoodlum [See Servility]; Jonathan Wild; hangman; incendiary, fire bug [U. S.]; thief [See Thief]; murderer [See Killing].
CULPRIT, delinquent, criminal, malefactor, misdemeanant; felon; convict, jailbird or gaolbird, ticket-of-leave man [Brit.]; outlaw.
RIFFRAFF, scum of the earth; blackguard, polisson [F.], loafer, sneak, rascalion or rascallion; cullion, mean wretch, varlet [archaic], kern [obs.], âme-de-boue [F.], drôle [F.]; cur, dog, hound, whelp, mongrel; losel [archaic or dial.], loon or lown [obs. or dial. variant], ronion or ronyon or runnion [obs. or rare]; outcast, vagabond, runagate; rogue (knave) [See Knave].
SCAMP, scapegrace, rip [colloq.], ne’er-do-well, good for nothing, reprobate, scalawag or scallawag [colloq.], skeesicks or skeesix [colloq., U. S.], sad dog [colloq.], limb [colloq.], rapscallion [all the words in this paragraph are commonly applied jocularly or lightly].