Primary Base evit*

Child Elements  

evit* abs act m itg Avoidance.
truqant* abs ess sta Absent without permission, truant.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


* Abstention Voluntary avoidance.


evit* Avoidance
kawp* Business Execution of plan.
* Detour Deviation from plan.
stok* Intention Conceptional volition. Purpose in the succession of events.
klut* Lot Absence of purpose in the succession of events.
method* Method
* Mid-course
skem* Plan Intention codified.
* Pursuit Intention in action.
* Relinquishment (Volition)
dhurj* Requirement
* Task Unit of business.


Avoidance cross-reference

Opposite of Pursuit. See Seclusion, Exclusion, Escape, Recession, Recoil, Departure, Rejection.

Avoidance synonyms

Abstention (voluntary avoidance), abstinence; forbearance; refraining; neutrality.
Shirker (essive of avoidance), shirk, quitter [U. S.], eye servant, truant; fugitive, refugee, runaway, runagate, deserter, renegade, backslider; maroon.

Seclusion, Isolation, Avoidance

The base that specifically denotes isolation is insl*. Another base, mon*, means "alone, single," but does not explicitly connote isolation. The causative derivatives of mon* (monif*, moniv*) can indicate becoming isolated, but only in the sense of becoming single.

Seclusion, privacy, retirement, eremitism, anchoretism, anchoritism, reclusion, recess; suspension; snugness &c. adj.; concealment, delitescence; rustication, rus in urbe [L.], ruralism, rurality [rare], solitude; solitariness (singleness) [See Unity]; isolation; “splendid isolation”; loneliness &c. adj.; estrangement from the world, voluntary exile; aloofness.
depopulation, desertion, desolation; wilderness (unproductive) [See Unproductiveness]; howling wilderness; rotten borough, Old Sarum [Eng.].
UNSOCIABILITY, unsociableness, dissociability, dissociality; inhospitality, inhospitableness &c. adj.; domesticity, self-sufficiency, Darby and Joan.