Judgment in the positive.

Intangible Positive
Primary Base rat*

Child Elements  


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qarq* Absurdity Contrarity to reason.
rat* Assent Judgment in the positive.
fid* Belief Confidence in the truth or existence of something that may not immediately be susceptible to rigorous proof.
aperj* Discovery Result of search or inquiry.
* Dissent Judgment in the negative.
ers* Error
stult* Imbecility Acclivity to misjudgment.
* Incredulity Unwillingness to believe or trust, particularly without proper or adequate evidence.
lys* Insanity Lack of ability to reason.
* Intelligence Acclivity to goodness|good judgment.
* Judgment
qn* Knowledge
* Madman Agent of insanity.
verolym* Maxim Result of decomposition of truth.
karsj* Misjudgment Errant judgment.
* Overestimation
sofos* Sage Esssive of good judgment.
bakl* Sanity Acclivity to reason.
ver* Truth Object of knowledge.
fidew* Unbelief Lack of belief.
* Underestimation



rat* Assent. Acquiescence, admission; nod; accord, concord, concordance; agreement [See Agreement]; affirmance, affirmation; recognition, acknowledgment, avowal, recognizance [rare], confession, confession of faith.

ratoq* Executive: To use/wield assent.
rator* Generative: To produce assent.

ratos* Essive of having. Affirmant, assentant, professor, confirmist, consenter, covenantor, subscriber, indorser or endorser.

ratod* Dative agent: To give assent (to).
ratend* Dative patient: To receive assent (from).

ratew* Abessive.
ratemp* Ablative agent: To take assent (from), rescind assent.
ratolv* Ablative patient: To lose assent (to/by).

Ratification, confirmation, corroboration, approval, acceptance, visa, visé [F.]; indorsement (record) [See Record].