Official or formal approval or sanction.

Intangible Positive Action
Primary Base kyd*

Child Elements  

barak* pa Patient of divine approbation.
be* rel m itg Divine approbation.
beos* ess sta Essive of divine approbation.
kyd* rel aff act m itg Approbation.
kydemp* abl ac To withdraw previously-given approbation.
kydor* rel pos gen To praise, honor, credit.
lawd* m itg Praise or admiration for a person.
lawdemp* abl ac To withdraw approbation.
lawdew* abe sta m itg Lack of approbation.
lawdod* dat ac To praise.
melj* pos act m itg Affirmation, edification.


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Approbation synonyms

Praise, renown, honor, credit, kudos, commendation, laud, laudation; good word; encomium, eulogy, eulogium, éloge [F.], panegyric; homage, hero worship; benediction, blessing, benison.

Respect synonyms

Regard, consideration; courtesy; attention, deference, reverence, honor, esteem, estimation, veneration, admiration; approbation.