Active hostility or opposition.

Primary Base bel*

Child Elements  

bel* act m itg Antagonism.
beltr* loc Battlefield, war zone.
kelax* fig "War, strife."
mart* abs ess sta Of or pertaining to war; martial.
qund* fig ess sta "War." Gunther, Gonzalo.
wiq* fig act Warrior.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


flik* Attack
beltr* Battlefield Location of antagonism.
mewbel* Contention Mutual antagonism.
aleks* Defense Counteraction against antagonism.
* Munitions Materials of antagonism.
* Party One or more people representing a particular or position.
paks* Peace Absence of or resolution of  antagonism.
* Responses to Antagonism
* Rivalry Passive antagonism between two parties.
* States of Antagonism
* War Prolonged antagonism.
* Warfare Execution of antagonism.
belaq* Weapon Instrument of antagonism.


aren* Arena Abode of sport or antagonism.
lit* Lawsuit Case in a court of law involving a claim or complaint by one party against another.
katen* Restraint Willful denial of freedom.
* Slap Antagonistic action of physical contact with a broad surface such as the hand.



Battle (event of antagonism) Competition, emulation, race, contest; tug of war.