Terminal end of inquiry.

Primary Base *

Child Elements  


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date



ANSWER, response, reply, replication, riposte or ripose, subjoinder, rejoinder, retort, repartee; rescript, rescription [archaic]; antiphon, antiphony; acknowledgment; password; echo; counterstatement, counterblast, countercharge, contradiction.
[LAW] defense, plea, surrebutter, surrejoinder, reply, rejoinder, rebutter.
SOLUTION (explanation) [See Interpretation]; discovery [See Judgment]a; rationale (cause) [See Cause]; clew or clue (indication) [See Indication].

* xxx
oq* Executive To use/wield xxx.
or* Generative To produce xxx.
os* Essive of having.
od* Dative agent To give xxx (to).
end* Dative patient To receive xxx (from).
ew* Abessive. Lack or absence of xxx.
emp* Ablative agent To take xxx (from).
olv* Ablative patient To lose xxx (to/by).
aq* Means
m* Result
ajat* Indication
tr* Domain/Scope