Primary Base qon*

Child Elements  

pub* loc Groin.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


samt* Azimuth Angle of horizontal deviation, measured clockwise, of a bearing from a standard direction.
kanth* Corner Place at which two converging lines or surfaces meet.
* Goniometer Gauge of angularity.
rekiqon* Right Angle


kanth* Canthus The corner where the upper and lower eyelids meet on each side of the eye.


qon* Angularity
streb* Convolution Complex curvature.
kurv* Curvature
* Curve One-dimensional form having length but no breadth or thickness and also curvature through a second dimension.
* Glyphs
* Point Zero-dimensional form having no length, breadth or thickness.
* Special Form in 1 Dimension
* Special Form in 2 Dimensions
* Special Form in 3 Dimensions
kurvew* Straightness Lack of curvature.