Discrete Tangible
Primary Base *

Child Elements  

kamp* ab loc A location where a facility is located; campus.


Name/Link ΒΆ Type Source/Type Consumption Date


* Country Great aggregate of abodes with a governing authority. Usually contains multiple smaller administrative districts and municipalities.
qart* Town Aggregate of abodes, many in number in close proximity, and having a governing authority.
kapar* Village Aggregate of abodes, few in number and lacking a governing authority.



* Abode Aggregates
aren* Arena Abode of sport or antagonism.
bowr* Bower Rustic or arboreal abode.
kapan* Cabin Freestanding abode of temporary habitation.
aqr* Farm Abode reserved for agriculture.
qard* Garden Area of land that is reserved for preservation.
ham* Home Abode of habitation.
buoek* House Freestanding abode of permanent habitation.
joloek* Inn Abode of conviviality.
strat* Street