Place of habitation.

Primary Base boed*

Child Elements  

akwilœk* dis tg Eagle's nest.
bejœk* dis tg Beehive.
bœd* dis tg Abode.
butr* loc Abode.
ðornœk* dis tg Bird nest.
kolumbœk* fac dis tg Dovehouse, columbarium.
morwœk* dis tg Anthill.
nid* dis tg Nest.
-œk* fac dis tg 1. Abode where something dwells, resides or operates.
2. (act itg > act) Facility where an action takes place.
treb* inst dis tg Abode.
vespœk* tg Wasp hive, vespiary.
zoœk* dis tg Animal abode.


Name/Link Type Source/Type Consumption Date


* Abode Aggregates
aren* Arena Abode of sport or antagonism.
bowr* Bower Rustic or arboreal abode.
kapan* Cabin Freestanding abode of temporary habitation.
aqr* Farm Abode reserved for agriculture.
qard* Garden Area of land that is reserved for preservation.
ham* Home Abode of habitation.
buoek* House Freestanding abode of permanent habitation.
joloek* Inn Abode of conviviality.
strat* Street




Camp Temporary abode. Bivouac, encampment, cantonment; barrack, casemate, casern or caserne.
Does not connote any specific type of structure.