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* Misinterpretation
* Misnomer Misapplied or inappropriate naming or designation.
* Misrepresentation
* Missile Projectile used as a weapon.
* Misteaching
* Misuse Inappropriate use.
* Mockery Pejorative imitation.
* Moderation
* Moderator Agent of moderation.
* Modes of Communication
* Modesty Tempered opinion of one''s own dignity, importance, merit, or superiority.
* Moisture
* Moment, Instant Point of time, infinitesimal duration.
* Monarchy Governance by one.
* Moonlight
* Moral Practice
* Morality
j* Motion with reference to Direction
* Motive Causation of volition.
* Mouthful Selective of food.
* Munitions Materials of antagonism.
* Music
* Musical Instruments Generative instrument of music.
* Musical Sounds
* Musician Generative agent of music.
* Mythological Heaven
* Mythological Hell
* Nail Discrete vinculum of rod form,
with a broad flat summit, and a pointed base,
generally intended for permanent junction.
* Name
* Narrator Dative agent of news.
* Nature Intrinsic attribute.
nawmot* Navigation Locomotion by water or air.
* Navy Water-bound combatant.
* Necessity
dhurj* Need
* Neology Introduction or use of new words.
* Network
* Neutralization Counteraction xxx.
* Neverness
* Newness Smallness of age.
* Nickname
* Nomenclature A set or system of names or terms.
* Noncompletion Incompleteness or shortcoming in voluntary action.
* Nonpayment
* Nonperformance
* Nonpreparation Lack of preparation.
* Nonresonance
* Normality Acceptance of one standard of conformity.
* North Contraposition sinister to the sunrise.
* Nostalgia Passive affections for things of the past.