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* Constellation Collection of a small number of stars organized into an apparent pattern.
* Consummate Love Love bearing passion, commitment and intimacy.
* Contest Instance of contention.
* Continuity Uninterrupted sequence.
* Contraposition
kemos* Convert Essive of conversion.
* Corporation Formal party of antagonism.
* Corporeal Nature
[[[base:deb**]]] Corpulence Abnormal bigness of girth relative to height. Obesity; plumpness.
* Correlation Double or reciprocal relation.
* Counterfeit Illegitimate copy. Copy intended to deceive.
* Country Great aggregate of abodes with a governing authority. Usually contains multiple smaller administrative districts and municipalities.
* Course (Time) Indefinite duration.
* Credit
* Creditor
* Crossing
* Crystal
* Cube Polyhedron of 6 sides, each of which is a square, having equal length, breadth and thickness.
* Cunning Skill employed in a shrewd or sly manner,
* Cup Service container primarily for beverages.
* Currency Medium of money.
* Curtain Large fabric serving as a screen for a window.
* Curve One-dimensional form having length but no breadth or thickness and also curvature through a second dimension.
* Customer Terminus of property interchange.
* Dation Additive activity.
* Deathbed Place of death.
* Decrease Negative change in quantity.
* Decrement Patient of deduction.
* Deduction
* Democracy Deviant governance by many.
* Deposit Advance expenditure.
* Depression Transference downward.
kataj* Descent Motion downwards.
* Desuetude State of being no longer used or practiced.
* Detour Deviation from plan.
* Deviant Governance
* Deviation Motion away from a set direction.
* Difference
* Different Time Time different from the present.
* Dimensions Extension in a given direction.
* Dimness Presence of a low quantity of light.
* Direction
* Director Agent of direction.
frustr* Disappointment Failure of expectation.
* Discontent Opposite of Content.
* Discontinuity Interrupted sequence.
* Discord (Sound)
* Disguise Deceptive investment.
* Dissection Disjunction of internal components (organs).
* Dissent Judgment in the negative.