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* Bias
* Bigness Greatness of size.
* Bigotry Obstinacy against heteroodoxy.
* Blackmail Stealing by means of intimidation.
* Boiling Calefaction to vaporization.
* Borrowing Receiving with agreement of future reimbursement.
* Bowl Concave container primarily for liquid foods.
* Bribe Money or valuable consideration given or promised with a view to corrupting the behavior of a person.
* Brow Upper front of the face.
* Buyer Subject of purchase.
* Canonicals Instruments of religious practice.
dhil* Capability Capacity to do or act.
* Capacity Intrinsic attribute of quantity.
* Caprice Sudden change; change without motive; unpredictable change; change with irresolution.
* Career Conduct, particularly professional conduct, over the course of a lifetime.
* Catcall Whistle expressing dislike or of a sexual nature.
* Causation
* Cavalry Company of combatants on horseback.
* Celebration Proclamation of success or commemoration of an event.
* Charlatanry Affectation of knowledge.
* Checkmate Cessation due to inability to continue.
* Cipher Thing of naught.
* Circuition Curvilinear motion.
kirkerq* Circumnavigation Motion of an agent around a patient.
* Circumscription
* Classification Assignment into classes.
* Cleansing Causation of cleanness.
* Cleft Interval made by cleavage.
* Climate Weather trend or norm.
* Clique Informal party of antagonism.
* Cloture Cessation in debate.
* Command Wielding of authority.
* Commonweal Good for the general public.
* Communication Direct giving of information.
civ* Community Coherence of similar (homogeneous) entities.
* Companionate Love Love bearing commitment and intimacy, absent of passion.
prouk* Company (Accompaniment) Accompaniment with purpose.
* Company (Assemblage) Group of people.
* Comparative Quantity
* Completion Normal cessation of attempts or endeavors.
* Composer Generative agent of melody or music.
* Concord Condition alleviating antagonism.
* Condemnation Unfavorable judgment; judgment against; imposition of a debt or obligation.
densif* Condensation Assemblage into a solid.
* Conduct Manner of action.
* Congregation Group of worshipers.
* Connoisseur Agent of good taste.
* Consanguinity Relations of kindred.
* Consent Assent to authority.
* Consignee Person appointed to administer the affairs of a person, company, or institution.