This Hilinqwo thesaurus is organized according to the outline of Roget's Thesaurus.

Alphabetical Listing

Abession Quality of not having, holding, containing or possessing an entity, action or quality.
Ability Competence in activity.
Ablation Subtractive activity.
Abode Place of habitation.
Abode Aggregates
Abrogation Abolition or annulment of authority.
Absence Lack of presence.
Absence of Motive
Absolute Relation
Absolute Time
Abstainer Essive of abstinence.
Abstention Voluntary avoidance.
Abstinence Absolute temperance.
Abstract Relations
Abstract Space
Absurdity Contrarity to reason.
Abuse Harmful or injurious use.
Acceleration Increase in velocity over time.
Accession Direct acquisition of authority.
Accessory Instrument of accompaniment.
Acclivity Upward obliquity with respect to a base horizontal.
Accomplice Auxiliary in the commission of a crime.
Accumulation Continued assemblage.
Achromatism Lack or loss of color.
Acoustics Science of sound.
Acquittal Discharge or settlement of a debt or obligation.
Act Instance of action with purpose.
Activity Rate of action.
Acts of Volition
Actual Subservience
Addict Slave to habit.
Adjunct Object of addition.
Adolescence Time of transition into adulthood.
Adulthood State of having attained one's full size and strength.
Adversity Negative fortune or outcome.
Adviser Dative agent of advice.
Advocacy Action of pleading for, supporting, or recommending aid.
Aesthetics Science of good taste.
Affectation Effort to appear to have a quality not really or fully possessed; pretense of actual possession; conspicuous artificiality of manner or appearance; effort to attract notice by falsehood, assumption, or any assumed peculiarity.
Affections in General
Affirmation Assertion of existence, truth or goodness.
Age Time with reference to the progression of life.

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