This wiki makes extensive use of the tagging feature to organize Hilinqwo elements into classes and logical groupings. Many topic pages present a list of matching bases. In order for these lists to be properly populated, elements must be tagged with the correct tags.

Topics with element lists will have a statement at the bottom that indicates the tag(s) identified by the page. If there is more than one tag and the tags begin with "+", all tags must be present in order for the element to make the list. (Don't include the plus sign in the tag.) If there is more than one tag and the tags do not begin with "+", any tag will add it to the list. If some tags begin with "+" and some don't, the ones with "+" are required and the ones without "+" are optional. Tags beginning with "-" indicate tags that cannot be in a page's tags in order for it to be included.

There are a number of special tags. Tags beginning with "ety:" denote etymological features. Tags beginning with "class:" denote classes to which elements are assigned.

The following tags are the most used in this wiki: (show more)