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-urj* imp rel ess sta m itg

Imperative constructor, indicating need or requirement.
Does not indicate mere desire.

Synonyms (move to note)

Exigency, urgency, necessity.

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Details and Notes

General Noun Modifiers

r* To generate, produce, emit.
q* To use, wield.

-os* Essive of having: To have, possess, hold.
d* Dative agent: To give.
-end* Dative patient: To receive.

-ew* Abessive: State of not having.
-emp* Ablative agent: To take.
lv* Ablative patient: To lose.

-aq* Means.
-tr* Domain, location.
-m* Result.

-ampl* Sufficiency
-ult* Excess of.
-up* Insufficiency of.
-org* Want of.
-urj* Need for, requirement of.


Abessive Group
rg* and Desiderative Group
-urj* and Imperative Group

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
akwurj* imp rel ess sta m itg Requirement of water; dehydration. Dehydration
pnurj* imp rel ess sta m itg Needing to breathe, deprivation of breath, suffocation.
somnendurj* imp rel ess sta m itg Need for sleep, tiredness.

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