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-tr* itg > loc
nbsp; Greek -tron

Location where an action or event takes place, or an idea is promulgated.

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General Noun Modifiers

r* To generate, produce, emit.
q* To use, wield.

-os* Essive of having: To have, possess, hold.
d* Dative agent: To give.
-end* Dative patient: To receive.

-ew* Abessive: State of not having.
-emp* Ablative agent: To take.
lv* Ablative patient: To lose.

-aq* Means.
-tr* Domain, location.
-m* Result.

-ampl* Sufficiency
-ult* Excess of.
-up* Insufficiency of.
-org* Want of.
-urj* Need for, requirement of.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
æktr* loc dis tg Place where torture is administered. Torture
beltr* loc Battlefield, war zone. Location of antagonism. Antagonism
buitr* loc Neighborhood, in the sense of place where people live.
butr* loc Abode. Place of habitation. Abode
dekstr* card loc Dexter, right.
ekstr* el loc Exterior. Exteriority
intr* ill loc Interior. Interiority
-itr* > sta loc Place having the state described by the base.
joqtr* loc Location for playing: playing field.
jurtr* loc Jurisdiction. Jurisdiction
kœntr* loc Common ground. Participation
kokwitr* loc Location associated with cooking; kitchen area.
krattr* loc dis Jurisdiction. Domain of authority. Jurisdiction
kwattr* loc Location of agitation. Agitation
nourtr* loc Place of knowledge, library.
oklikrattr* loc Mob rule, ochlocracy. Authority
praktr* loc Workplace, office.
polittr* loc Political theater.
sinistr* card loc Sinister, left. Special Centrical Dimensions
somntr* loc Place specifically for sleeping.
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