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-t* (1) ac > pa
(2) num > ord ess sta
nbsp; IE *-tós > Latin -tus
(1) Passive-tense verb modifier.
(2) Constructor of ordinal words.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
amt* pa Loved, beloved. None. Friendship
awdtabos* rel ess sta Detectable.
dekt* rel pa Accepted, learned; orthodox.
doktabos* rel ess sta Teachable, docile.
dukt* pa Lead, conducted, drawn.
dwt* ord ess sta Second.
edtab* abs ess sta itg Edibility. Edibility
edt* abs pa Eaten.
ft* const cau pa To be caused to be or do (noun modified) by someone else (direct object); to become.
furtend* abs dat pa Booty. Booty
gintidwt* ord ess sta Twelth.
gintiunt* ord ess sta Eleventh.
habt* pa Contents. Contents
jet* pa Thrusted, driven. (n) Enema.
kerpt* abs pa Gathered, harvested, excerpted.
klut* pa Loud. Loudness
kwetort* ord ess sta Fourth.
leqt* abs pa (v) Selected, chosen.
(n) Selection, choice.
multt* ind ord ess sta Not first in line. Order
not* (2) abs pa Known, familiar.
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