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fac dis tg
nbsp; IE *weyḱ- > Greek οἶκος (oikos)

1. Abode where something dwells, resides or operates.
2. (act itg > act) Facility where an action takes place.

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Gm. weihs/, Lith. viešas, Ltv. viesis, Russ. весь (ves'), Av. vīs, Alb. vis, Skr. विश् (viś), Lat. vīcus, Polish wieś, Old Prussian waispattin, Toch. /īke, OCS vĭsĭ.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
uœk* fac dis tg Dressing room.
vespœk* tg Wasp hive, vespiary. Abode
cemœk* fac dis tg Cemetery, mausoleum.
zoœk* dis tg Animal abode. Particularly one made by the animal itself. Abode
zoœk* fac dis tg Zoo.
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