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-œd* 1. fig ess sta
2. card num > ind num
3. geom > geom
nbsp; IE *weyd-

1. Resembling the base; related to the base; similar to the base in function.
2. Approximately.
3. A shape that is similar.
To indicate similarity to the base in appearance, use k*. To indicate similarity to the base in form or structure, use form*.

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Details and Notes

Similarity modifiers

form* Similarity in form or structure.
* Similarity in function.
-œd* Resemblance, similarity in appearance.
-ykw* Appearing to be or look like something, but not actually being it.

morf* An animal that is characterized by its form.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
alpœd* fig ess sta Mountainlike, large, huge, gigantic. Bigness
andrœd* fig rel ess sta Masculine.
angelœd* rel ess sta Angelic. Angel
arqilœd* fig rel ess sta Resembling clay.
asinœd* rel pej fig ess sta dis tg "Ass." Asinine, stupid, silly, obstinant. Ass (fig.)
awrœdum* tg Pyrite. Minerals
awrœd* fig rel ess sta Resembling gold, shining as though gold.
kweklœd* geom dis Ellipse. Ellipse
kweklœdœd* geom dis Ellipsoid. Ellipse
lampredœd* rel fig ess sta Like a lamprey, hence clinging stubbornly. Figurative Animals
lendœd* fig dis Lentigo, freckle. Blemish
liqnœd* fig rel Like wood, wooden.
melqœd* fig rel sta Milky: resembling or having the consistency of milk. Milk
melqœdanj* spec loc dis tg Milky Way. Celestial Body
musœdekt* dis tg Computer mouse.
natrœdij* act m itg Motion like a snake. Motion
natrœd* rel fig ess sta dis tg "Snake." Snake (fig)
-œdibj* const An animal, plant or other lifeform that is characterized by resemblance to the thing referenced by the source base.
omenœd* fig rel sta Ominous.
ðovœd* fig rel ess sta Egg-shaped, elliptoid. Ellipse
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