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-odr* tg > der tg
nbsp; IE wódr̥

Constructor for a base denoting a liquid that is derived from the object or substance described by the source base.

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The juice or other derived liquid product of a plant.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ablodr* m tg Apple juice.
absinþodr* der tg Absinthe.
bibibjodr* der tg Beer.
bovodr* der tg Beef stock.
narangodr* der tg Orange juice.
petropodr* der tg Gasoline.
piprodr* der m tg Liquid pepper derivative.
pomodr* m tg Fruit juice.
tomatodr* m tg Tomato juice.
vitanodr* der tg Grape juice. Beverage

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