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rel > sup
nbsp; IE *-(t)m̥mo- "absolutive suffix"

Superlative constructor.
This prefix does not mean "most", "best" or "greatest." Use the appropriate element to denote this case, especially for absolute-class elements.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
altm* pos sup ess sta Highest (among).
bonm* pos sup Best (among). Good
brevm* neg sup ess sta Shortest (among).
brosm* sup ess sta Heaviest (among).
fortosm* sup ess sta Strongest (among).
lexm* neg ess sta Lowest (among).
lonqosm* sup pos ess sta Longest (among).
malm* neg sup ess sta Worst (among). Badness
meqm* pos sup ess sta Greatest (among).
vakm* sup neg ess sta Emptiest (among).

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