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rel > comp
nbsp; IE *-yōs

Comparative constructor.This prefix does not mean "more", "better" or "greater." Use the appropriate element to denote this case, especially for absolute-class elements.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
altj* comp pos Higher (than).
brevj* comp neg sta Shorter (than).
brewosj* comp abl sta Lighter (than). Levity
brosj* comp pos sta Heavier (than).
fortewosj* comp abl sta Weaker (than).
fortosj* comp pos ess Stronger (than).
lexj* comp neg sta Lower (than). Down
lonqosj* comp pos ess sta Longer (than). Length (primary linear dimension)
malj* comp neg sta Worse (than).
minj* comp neg ess sta Smaller (than), lesser (than). Smallness
vakj* neg comp ess sta Emptier (than).

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