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ess > sta m itg
nbsp; Latin -io
Abstraction and verbal gerund constructor.
1. State of being.
2. mod tax: Taxonomic classification.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ækwi* abs sta itg Equality. Equality
æmlosi* act m itg Rivalry, opposition, jealousy, envy. Opponent
neaki* rel ess sta m itg Bluntness. Bluntness
ali* sta m itg Adulthood. Adulthood
andri* abs sta m itg Personhood. Person
avur* act m itg Flight. Ascent
belq* rel incr sta m itg Inflation. Expansion by internal processes or insertion. Inflation
bruzosi* ess sta m itg Bruised state. Bruise
buitr* loc Neighborhood, in the sense of place where people live.
certi* pos rel ess sta m itg Certainty.
eldi* rel ess sta m itg Seniority. Seniority
fi* ab cau act m itg Transitive causative action.
filji* sta m itg Posterity.
hæmorosi* ess sta m itg State or condition of having a flow of blood; hemorrhage.
hiosi* ess sta m itg Porousness. Porousness
-itr* > sta loc Place having the state described by the base.
jestosi* sta m itg Yeast infection. Disease
kwæri* sta m itg Need.
kwi* inter pn sta itg What (state).
matri* act m itg Motherhood.
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