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General constructor for bases denoting tangible objects or substances that perform an action or generation.
Not a modifier. Doesn't imply a derivation from the source base to the derived base (see -ad*, -at*). For more specific substantive constructors, see Substantive Constructors.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
acontent* act m itg Antacid. Matter
æþosent* ess tg Alcoholic beverage.
-arjent* m tg (If modifying an animal) Food for the animal.
awlent* m tg Stew. Food
baptoprent* tg Dip; baptism water.
blankifent* cau tg Bleach. Matter
bluent* m tg Blue dye, blue coloring.
cædent* m tg Poison. Particularly that which is intended to kill someone or something.
dermident* m tg Skin pigment.
ebrodent* dat tg Drink. Drunkenness
elektrident* tg Electrum. Solid Matter
-empent* abl tg Ablative substance.
fabrent* m tg Cloth, fabric. Woven Fabrics
fekundodent* dat tg Substance that gives fertility; fertility drug. Productiveness
fent* const cau m tg Causative substance.
flavent* tg Flavin, yellow pigment. Paint
morwent* tg Formica.
gelent* abs m tg Gel, jelly, gelatin. Semiliquidity
hostent* m tg Foreign substance. Denotes something from without that causes a condition.
karbent* tg Charcoal. Organic Solids
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