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eth ess sta
nbsp; Latin -ensem

Ethnonymic constructor.
mod loc: A native or resident of a location.
mod dir: Someone or something from a general location.

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Location-Group Modifiers

-an* Ethnicity associated with the location.
-ens* Native or resident of the location.

-ep* At the location.
-ap* Away from the location.
-ej* To go to the location.
-ort* To turn towards the location.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ʃkipens* spec eth ess sta Albanian. Europe
aswens* eth ess sta Asian.
aswensid* ind chrom The Asian skin color.
awstrens* ind eth ess sta Easterner.
ʃemens* eth ess sta Semite, Semitic.
denanjens* eth ess sta Danish.
ewranjens* eth ess sta European.
genovens* eth ess sta Genovese.
hakaptens* spec eth ess sta Egyptian. Egypt
hindens* eth ess sta Indian.
israanjens* eth ess sta Israeli.
italjens* eth ess sta Of/from Italy; Italian. Italy
qorjens* eth ess sta Korean. Asia
kupranjens* eth ess sta Cypriot. Europe
maqdalens* eth ess sta Of/from Magdala, Magdalene.
(nm) Magdalene, Madeleine.
marens* ind eth ess sta Of/from the sea.
medjezerens* eth ess sta Mediterranean. Europe
nerens* ind eth ess sta Northerner.
niponens* eth ess sta Japanese. Asia
nysens* n: ess sta Dionysos, Dionysius, Dennis, Denise.
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