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-end* const dat pa
nbsp; IE *gʰend-
To get, receive or acquire something (noun modified) from someone or something (direct object).

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Common Verbs

Meaning Verbal Transitive Modifier
To become. fj* v* (pa)
To come, move. * *
To counter, oppose, fight. kontr* nt* (sta)
To do. prak* (+ act) *
To lack, be without. dew* -ew*(sta)
To face. ant* -ant* (itr)
To give. don* d* (ac)
To have. hab* -os* (ess)
To lose. * lv* (pa)
To receive. * -end* (pa)
To take. * -emp* (ac)
To turn. vert* rt* (itr)

General Noun Modifiers

r* To generate, produce, emit.
q* To use, wield.

-os* Essive of having: To have, possess, hold.
d* Dative agent: To give.
-end* Dative patient: To receive.

-ew* Abessive: State of not having.
-emp* Ablative agent: To take.
lv* Ablative patient: To lose.

-aq* Means.
-tr* Domain, location.
-m* Result.

-ampl* Sufficiency
-ult* Excess of.
-up* Insufficiency of.
-org* Want of.
-urj* Need for, requirement of.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-abend* rel dat pa To receive the ability to do the action described by the source base.
adipend* v: dat pa To gain body fat.
ærend* dat pa To receive air or gas.
akend* unb pos rel dat pa To become sharp (by/from). Sharpness
aktend* dat pa To receive radiation, be irradiated. Radioactivity
almend* dat pa To learn (from), be educated (by). Learner
aromend* dat pa To be seasoned (by). Pungency
awksend* dat pa To receive aid.
bjend* dat term tr To be brought to life, become alive. Lifeform
bonend* subj unb pos rel dat pa To receive goodness (from/by), become better, improve.
brend* rel dat pa To gain weight (from/by), become heavy (from/by). Gravity
bruzend* rel dat pa To become bruised (by/from).
buend* dat pa To inhabit, live in/at, dwell in/at. Inhabitant. Inhabitant
celend* dat pa To be(come) hidden (by/from/due to). Concealment
celerend* rel incr dat pa To be accelerated (by), accelerate, gain speed, speed up. Acceleration
cend* const dat term tr To learn. Learning
cernend* dat term tr To discern. Career
ʃanend* subj dat pa To receive wisdom (from/by).
dæzend* v: dis pa Receiving euphoria.
deformend* dat pa To become deformed.
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