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abl ac
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To take (from), remove (from), obtain (from), distribute (from).
Direct object is the affected object. Modified base is what is taken or removed.

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Common Verbs

Meaning Verbal Transitive Modifier
To become. fj* v* (pa)
To come, move. * *
To counter, oppose, fight. kontr* nt* (sta)
To do. prak* (+ act) *
To lack, be without. dew* -ew*(sta)
To face. ant* -ant* (itr)
To give. don* d* (ac)
To have. hab* -os* (ess)
To lose. * lv* (pa)
To receive. * -end* (pa)
To take. * -emp* (ac)
To turn. vert* rt* (itr)

General Noun Modifiers

r* To generate, produce, emit.
q* To use, wield.

-os* Essive of having: To have, possess, hold.
d* Dative agent: To give.
-end* Dative patient: To receive.

-ew* Abessive: State of not having.
-emp* Ablative agent: To take.
lv* Ablative patient: To lose.

-aq* Means.
-tr* Domain, location.
-m* Result.

-ampl* Sufficiency
-ult* Excess of.
-up* Insufficiency of.
-org* Want of.
-urj* Need for, requirement of.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abakemp* rel abl ag To (remove) dust (from).
-abemp* rel abl ac To take (away) the ability to do the action described by the source base.
aeremp* abl tr To deprive of air, suffocate. Air
akwemp* abl ag To dehydrate, dry. Dryness
ankemp* abl ac To relieve stress from, loosen.
aprew* subj pos rel abe sta m itg Lack of beauty, ugliness.
armimp* abl tr To disarm.
asjemp* rel abl ac To take away ease, make more difficult. Difficulty
barbemp* abl ac To shave. Hair
bjemp* abl ac To take life (from), kill.
bremp* rel abl tr To remove weight, make light.
celeremp* decr init tr To slow down, decelerate. Deceleration
daktylemp* abs abl ac To amputate someone's finger or toe.
damnemp* abl ac To remove condemnation.
ðemp* ab abl ag Ablative agent.
-empaq* const abl inst dis tg Ablative instrument constructor.
-empent* abl tg Ablative substance.
sistemp* abl ac To bring out of existence, destroy.
ersemp* abl ac To remove errors (from), correct.
fækemp* abl ag To remove filth from something, clean. Cleanness
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