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-el* num > num
nbsp; IE *ghes-lo-

One thousand raised to the power represented by the source base.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
dwel* num One million (10002). Determinate Number
dwigintel* num 2 x 1030. Determinate Number
dwikmtel* num 1060.
-elj* num > num One one-thousandth (10-3) raised to the power represented by the antecedent. Determinate Number
gintel* num 1030. Determinate Number
kwetorel* num One trillion (10004). Determinate Number
multel* ind num Indefinite number greater than 1,000 and on any order greater than 1,000.
partel* ind num Number between 0 exclusive and 1000 exclusive. Indeterminate Number
penkwel* num One quadrillion (10005).
plurel* ind num An extremely large indefinite number, on the order of 1015 or greater. Indeterminate Number
plurelj* ind num An extremely small indefinite number, on the order of 10-15 or less.
trejel* num One billion (10003). Determinate Number
unel* num One thousand (10001).

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