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dis tg
nbsp; IE *wekti-

Thing, creature; a physical representation of something intangible.

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Details and Notes

-e* versus -ekt*

Do not use -ekt* as a modifier to mean "made of (the substance indicated by the modified base. Use -e* for this meaning.

Base Modified with -e* Modified with -ekt*
liqn* ("wood") liqne* "made of wood, a wood object" liqnekt* "a piece of wood"'
vitr* ("glass") vitre* "made of glass, a glass object, a glass" vitrekt* "a piece of glass, a shard of glass"'

-ekt* details

-ekt* exists to create bases that aren't naturally derived either from ending manipulation or from appending modifiers. Uses of -ekt* include:

  • Form a base to represent the tangible incarnation of something intangible. For example, skem* "plan" : skemekt* "schematic".
  • Transform numerical bases into bases for things that are characterized by the number. For example, dw* "two" : dwekt* "thing with two of something," hence "bicycle."

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-alekt* abs tg A work, usually a book or document, that is attributed to a person or documents an event.
andrekt* dis tg Android.
ciljekt* dis tg 1. Eyelash. 2. Cilium. Eye
daltekt* dis tg River delta.
dwekt* ind dis tg Something that is characterized by two, particularly having two of something.
fekt* ab cau dis tg Causative object.
fuqekt* dis tg Fugue.
dekmonekt* dis tg Dime.
hostekt* abs tg Foreign object.
inslekt* dis tg Island. Body of land surrounded by water or mountains. Island
kalendekt* dis tg A document listing one's obligations for a particular day.
karmenekt* dis tg Sheet music, song lyrics.
karnekt* dis tg 1. Piece of flesh; steak, filet.
2. Manifestation in flesh; incarnation.
komorekt* gen dis tg Comet.
kwekt* inter pn dis tg What (thing).
levjalekt* dis tg The book of Leviticus.
liljekt* dis tg Fleur-de-lis.
montekt* dis tg Mountain.
musœdekt* dis tg Computer mouse.
nefrekt* dis tg Kidney bean.
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