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-edr* dis geom
nbsp; IE *sed-
A solid in which all surfaces are planar and that is characterized by the number of surfaces.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
dwikmtedr* geom dis tg Icosahedron; 20-sided die. Solid
gintidwedr* ord geom ess sta dis tg Dodecahedron; twelve-sided die. Solid
gintedr* ord geom Decahedron; ten-sided die.
kwetoredr* card geom ess sta dis tg Tetrahedron; four-sided die. Solid
multedr* ind geom ess sta dis tg Polyhedron.
oktedr* abs geom ess sta dis tg Octahedron; eight-sided die. Solid
seksedr* abs geom ess sta dis tg Hexahedron; six-sided die. Solid

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