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abs ess sta
nbsp; Latin -eus

Made from, composed of.
mod col: Consisting of members of the collection.

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Details and Notes

-e* versus -ekt*

Do not use -ekt* as a modifier to mean "made of (the substance indicated by the modified base. Use -e* for this meaning.

Base Modified with -e* Modified with -ekt*
liqn* ("wood") liqne* "made of wood, a wood object" liqnekt* "a piece of wood"'
vitr* ("glass") vitre* "made of glass, a glass object, a glass" vitrekt* "a piece of glass, a shard of glass"'

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
akwe* abs ess sta (v) Made of water.
(n) Drop of water, body of water. Any size. As a noun, can refer to an icecube.
arqile* abs ess sta Made of clay.
ferse* abs ess sta Made of iron.
fulmene* sel ev Explosion, thunderclap.
karne* abs Made of flesh or meat.
kerame* abs ess sta Pottery. Product of calefaction of earthen materials.
liqne* abs ess sta Made of wood, ligneous.
liqne* abs sta tg Made of wood. Wood
mante* act dis itg Spell, ritual for divination. Spell
sniqe* abs phys sta Made of snow. Water
oste* abs Made of bone, bony.
vitre* abs ess sta Made of glass, vitreous.

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