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-ard* inst dis tg
nbsp; IE *wer-

Tool or device that holds, protects or captures something; receptacle; cage.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
akward* inst dis tg Water tank.
ðornard* inst dis tg Birdcage. Container for Animals
bandard* inst dis tg Flagpole.
florard* inst dis tg Flower pot.
jakobard* inst dis tg Coat rack.
kanard* inst dis tg Kennel: device used to hold a dog, especially for transportation. Container for Animals
karpard* dis tg Cuff. Clothing, or section of clothing, for the wrist and/or lower arm.
kefalard* dis tg Headdress. Clothing for the head. Headdress
kolikard* dis tg Garment that covers the lower torso.
koprard* inst dis tg Toilet.
korpard* inst Body armor.
mastard* inst dis tg Brassiere. Undergarment
manard* inst dis tg Hand protector, glove, gauntlet. Glove
melqard* inst dis tg Milk jug, carton or bottle. Milk
melqardard* inst dis tg Milk crate. Milk
monetard* inst dis tg Bank. Bank
musard* inst Mouse cage. Does not mean "mousetrap."
nekrard* inst dis tg Coffin.
numard* inst dis tg Coin holder. Bank
œnard* inst dis tg Wine bottle.
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