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-arb* (bio) dis tg
nbsp; IE *er(ə)dʰ- > Old Latin arbōs

Constructor for bases for trees and shrubs characterized by the fruit produced or some other aspect.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
ablarb* bio dis tg Genus Malus. Apple tree. Malus
amyqdalarb* bio dis tg Subgenus Amygdalus. Almond and peach trees. Amygdalus
balanarb* bio dis tg Genus Castanea. Chestnut trees and shrubs. Castanea
fikarb* bio dis tg Genus Ficus. Fig tree. Ficus
jœnarb* bio dis tg Genus Juniperus. Juniper. Juniperus
kermusarb* bio dis tg Subgenus Cerasus. Cherry tree.
maqnolarb* bio dis tg Genus Magnolia. Magnolia tree. Magnolia
narangarb* dis tg Orange tree.
parb* bio dis tg Genus Pinus. Pine tree. Pinus
pektarb* bio dis tg Genus Olea. Olea
persektarb* bio dis tg Prunus persica. Peach tree. Prunus
poplarb* bio dis tg Genus Populus. Poplar, aspen, cottonwood. Populus
prowmnarb* bio dis tg Genus Prunus. Plums, cherries, peaches, nectarines, apricots and almonds. Prunus
walarb* bio dis tg Family Juglandacea. Walnut tree. Juglandaceae

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