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-ar* dis,zoo,bot > col
nbsp; Esperanto -ar/

Collective-class constructor.
mod dis: A group of the concrete distinct object represented by the source base.
mod zoo: A group of the animal represented by the source base.
mod bot: A collection of separate plants or a sprawling mass of connected plants (such as grass).

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Details and Notes

Animal Modifiers

-ir* Male.
-iß* Female.
-et* Diminutive; young.
-ar* Collection, group.
-at* Derived substance (meat).
-ov* Egg or reproductive body.

Discrete (Countable) Group Modifiers

-ar* Collection of the object, idea or event.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
amar* col Group of friends; fraternal society or organization. None.
andrar* col Group of males.
armar* col Fleet of arms, army.
avar* 1. rel neg m itg
2. col
1. Greed, avarice.
2. Fleet of planes, air force.
buar* abs col Group of people who live together or in proximity; community.
dokar* col itg A collection of teachings.
eqar* 1p col pn We, us.
frahæmekar* col Circulatory system.
fraostear* tg col Skeleton.
har* col pn They, them.
jakobar* col tg Overclothing. Clothing worn over the primary clothing, usually for short-term covering, defense or insulation. Overclothing
joqiqar* col Collection of players, team.
juar* col 2p pn You (plural).
kalendektar* col obj A document listing one's obligations and events over a series of days; a calendar.
komistar* col Literally a group of people who stand together, hence a political state.
milar* col Collection of soldiers: Army, legion.
navar* col Fleet (of ships); navy.
osar* col Audience.
ostear* col dis tg Collection of bones. Bone
piskar* col School of fish.
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