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1. tg,bot > der dis tg
2. loc > eth ess sta
3. eth ess sta
nbsp; Latin -ānus

1. Derived object.
- mod bot: The fruit or product of that plant.1
2. An ethnicity whose ancestry traces back to a particular place.2
3. Descendant, child. English -son, Spanish -ez.

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Details and Notes

Location-Group Modifiers

-an* Ethnicity associated with the location.
-ens* Native or resident of the location.

-ep* At the location.
-ap* Away from the location.
-ej* To go to the location.
-ort* To turn towards the location.

Usage Examples  


Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
aban* ess sta "Son of the father," Barabbas. Names, Titles and Greetings
akadjan* eth ess sta Cajun. United States
andran* ess sta Anderson.
arakan* dis tg Peanut.
ʃeban* Bathsheba.
citran* der dis tg Citrus; (fruit) of genus Citrus.
habanibjan* der dis tg Habanero pepper. Vegetables
halapibjan* der dis tg Jalapeno pepper. Vegetables
xananan* Johnson, Johanson.
israan* eth ess sta A descendant of Israel (Jacob); Israelite.
jaminan* ess sta "Child of the right hand," Benjamin. Names, Titles and Greetings
jahfredan* Jefferson.
jahoxananan* Johnson, Johanson.
kikoran* der dis tg Endive. Vegetables
marafran* fem ess sta Aphrodite. Literally "child of seafoam."
martan* der Martinez.
melqibjan* der dis tg Lettuce. Vegetables
navijan* ess sta "Child of the prophet," Barnabas.
petran* der nm Peterson. Names, Titles and Greetings
sparaqan* der dis tg Asparagus. Vegetables
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