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1. rel ess sta
2. abs ess sta
nbsp; Latin?

1. According to, in agreement with.
2. If modifying a chronological base: Occurring every.

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
-alekt* abs tg A work, usually a book or document, that is attributed to a person or documents an event.
anal* abs ess sta Annually.
bleal* abs ess sta According to the situation.
dokal* rel ess sta According to teaching; orthodox.
fablal* abs ess sta According to legend, legendary.
jural* abs According to the law, legal. Legality
kanonal* rel ess Canonical.
levjal* abs sta Levitical.
lokal* abs ess sta According to the location; local.
malakal* dis tg The testimony or testament of a prophet.
malakiral* spec dis tg The Biblical book of the prophet Malachi. The Bible
menal* abs sta Monthly. Periodicity
normal* rel sta Conforming to norms, normal, usual. Normality
petral* abs ess sta Petrine; according to the apostle Peter.
puqalekt* dis tg Boxer shorts. Any variety.
daxal* abs ess sta Daily.

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