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-æt* dis itg
nbsp; IE *aiwo-tā(ti)-

Event, instance of action

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Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
alæt* dis itg Adulthood. Period that one is an adult.
amæt* dis itg A friendship, a relationship, a bond between two people, courtship. Friendship
avæt* dis itg Flight. Ascent
belæt* act dis itg Battle, fight, competition, contest, match, game. Instance of antagonism.
dansjæt* dis itg Dancing event, ball.
ðæt* dis itg Event.
duræt* unb pos rel dis itg Duration.
fetolvæt* abs abl dis itg Miscarriage, abortion.
fetempæt* abs abl dis itg Miscarriage, abortion.
jokæt* subj rel act dis itg Instance of amusement. Joke, jest.
kreæt* abs act dis itg Instance of creation.
leguræt* abs act dis itg Commission, charge, delegation.
matræt* dis itg Motherhood.
noæt* dis itg Event of knowledge; diagnosis.
nuncæt* act dis itg Instance of publication.
osæt* dis itg Hearing.
patræt* dis itg Fatherhood.
pnæt* dis itg Breath.
primæt* dis itg Pressing, impression.
puæt* abs ess sta dis itg Childhood. Childhood
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