Element Class(es) Gloss / Clarification Taxonomy
abak* abs ess sta m tg Chaff, dust. Unimportant essive of littleness. Chaff
ablodr* m tg Apple juice.
absinþodr* der tg Absinthe.
ac* tg Acid. Acid
acet* m tg Vinegar, acetic acid. Sourness
acontent* act m itg Antacid. Matter
adip* m tg Body fat. Lipid
ador* m tg Cereal. Food
ækendm* res tg Injury resulting from torture.
ær* m tg Gas, air. Air
-ær* tg > der tg Constructor for a base denoting a gas that is derived from the object or substance described by the source base. Gaseity
æs* n: m tg Bronze. Inorganic Matter
-æs* tg > tg Ore.
æþ* (chem) m tg 1. Ether. A compound containing an oxygen atom bonded to two hydrocarbon groups.
2. Alcohol (C2H5OH).
Inorganic Matter
æþosent* ess tg Alcoholic beverage.
æþum* chem m tg Ethane (C2H6). Minerals
-afr* m tg Foam.
-ak* m tg Oxide. Normally modifies the name of a chemical or mineral, but can also be used as a base constructor. Inorganic Matter
akat* tg Agate. Inorganic Matter
akikram* m tg Sour cream.
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